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VIVISOL MyCare, the quality of Home Care in the palm of your hand


VIVISOL MyCare, a mobile application to support patients and caregivers in the daily management of care.

People's life expectancy is constantly increasing and this leads to a growing need for specialist care and support. In this context, technology plays a fundamental role and can substantially contribute to the effectiveness of care services.

In its continuous commitment to improving its patients' quality of life, VIVISOL has developed VIVISOL MyCare, a mobile application to support patients and caregivers in the daily management of care. 

The app includes content aimed at patient empowerment (for the greater awareness of favourable behaviour for the patient's health) and the improvement of compliance with therapy. Insights, illustrated tutorials, frequently asked questions, all the contents of the app are certified and authoritative, and aimed at constructive individual training, so that patients concretely improve their lifestyle.

VIVISOL MyCare is also a useful tool for dialogue between patients, caregivers and VIVISOL, thanks to features such as the Smart Chatbot, which uses Artificial Intelligence to respond to requests in real time. Patients can evaluate the services received and submit specific requests in the contact area and questionnaire area. These also include Video Call Request, which allows patients and caregivers to communicate quickly and easily. 

It is obviously possible to customise the app according to the therapy and the tender contract to which the patient belongs, simply photographing the QR code provided. This thereby makes it possible to take advantage of a digital experience which is customised and in line with needs.

VIVISOL strengthens its leadership in Home Care with this innovative tool, establishing itself as one of the first providers in the digitisation of services dedicated to patients.