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For the industrial sector

Technical gases

In the Industrial sector, the SOL Group supplies technical gases, equipment, systems and services to customers operating in most industrial sectors.

The SOL Group, thanks to its accurate and timely service, provides to its industrial customers innovative technological solutions, capable of making industrial activities and processes increasingly sustainable and able to satisfy objectives in terms of energy and production efficiency, reduction of environmental impact and protection of the health of employees.
In addition to technical gas supplies, we offer the most advanced gas application technologies, together with the design and construction of specific systems to be combined with industrial processes, and provide the necessary maintenance and technical assistance services.
We have specialists for every industry sector, capable of creating tailor-made solutions, designed and built for the specific needs of each customer.
SOL produces and distributes the following gases: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, acetylene, nitrous oxide, gas mixtures, high purity gases, food gases, gaseous helium, liquid helium, gases for electronics, ammonia, combustible gases for industrial use and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Food & Beverage

Industries served: Agriculture, Fish, Red and white meat, Fruit and vegetables, Milk and derivatives, Ready meals, Bread and pastries, Ice cream, Beverages, Wine and oil, Catering

Metal Production

Industries served: Carbon and stainless steel, Aluminium, Ferrous products and cast-iron, Nonferrous products: zinc, lead, copper, magnesium, Semifinished products and forges, Mineral extraction, Precious metal processing, Glass and ceramics, Cement and lime

Metal Fabriction

Industries served: Thermal treatments, Carbon and stainless steel processing, Aluminium and nonferrous metal processing, Automotive industry, Aeronautical and railway construction, Shipyards, Construction sites, Boilers, Tools

Chemistry & Pharma

Industries served: Basic and inorganic chemistry, Synthetic intermediates, Polymers, Fine chemistry, Bulk pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical specialities, Cosmetics, Herbalism, Plastics and rubber

Oil & Gas

Industries served:, Extraction, Transport and pipelines, Refining, Raw materials and finished products stocking, Off-shore, Components and equipment

Energy & Environment

Industries served: Multiutility, Wastewater purification, Purification, Waste Management, Special waste management, Incineration, Chemical, pharmaceutical, fabric and leather, food, paper, petrochemical and extraction industries.

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