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Professional career

Working in SOL

Working in the SOL Group allows you to embark on a professional career within a multinational company, strongly linked to its Italian roots, and characterized by an international and dynamic context. Within the Group you have the opportunity to deal with highly specialized business and to grow up further with the company. We have the willingness to nurture the know-how and knowledge of our employees, contributing to their professional development.

Our management culture is strongly oriented to self-entrepreneurship: within the Group companies everyone can carry out their activities with the right level of autonomy, becoming responsible for their job and for achieving the goals assigned. We promote an environment where people can shape their entrepreneurial spirit and a context open to everyone’s  contribution. Spirit of enterprise, proactivity and innovation are essential skills for working in the SOL Group.

The values we seek

Team vision, entrepreneurship, passion and competence are the values embodied by the SOL Group people and that we seek through the candidates we select. We constantly promote the importance and the development of these values, both internally and externally, considering them key elements for everyone's professional growth and for the achievement of the company goals.

Internationalisation and inclusion are integral elements of the Group culture and progress.
We create and support a dynamic and collaborative working environment in which personal characteristics do not give rise to any discrimination and the Total Feedback culture encourages the agile exchange views pro-growth.

Events & collaborations

On behalf of the Group, we participate in several Employer branding initiatives with the aim of introducing the company to a wide range of potential candidates and meeting professionals in line with the profiles we seek. Each year we take part in events organized by universities, business schools and other partners.

We have a consolidated partnership with the main universities and we organize with them events dedicated to young graduates, as well as meetings with professionals eventually considered for a possible career with the Group.

We give the opportunity to carry out internship experiences to complete the  formative path in order to introduce the young resources in the labour market and to consolidate the relations between universities and enterprises.

In order to intercept the best professionals on the market we highlight vacancies and internship opportunities in partnership with major business schools and educational providers on the territory.

Our idea of training

The HR department is responsible for the cross trainings focused on the employee managerial and soft skills development: we believe in training and aim to meet the needs of our people through customized and inter-company courses, as well as professional Masters’ funding.

Each year we collect training needs by structuring different training plans in accordance to the needs of each employee: from language courses to project management, from the management of collaborators to effective communication, from trainings on the main computer facilities to the SOL Youth Academy.

Particular attention is given to talented young people for whom our internal Academy is designed, characterized by a structured training path, in which high potential profiles throughout the Group can develop their skills in different fields: project management, business presentation, public speaking and negotiation.

For the managers we organize training based on leadership development and customized coaching paths with the aim of maximizing personal and professional potential and improving the achievement of performance goals.

This wide spectrum training integrates the technical ones organized by the competent functions and essential for the specificity of the businesses in which we operate.


The Onboarding is an introduction to the company designed for new resources and consists of a series of trainings organized monthly by the different SOL Group departments.

Besides representing the Group’s initiative to welcome new colleagues, this induction process is an opportunity for participants to learn about the values and history of the company, the organizational structure and the diversification of the businesses. Moreover, the new employees have the opportunity to interface directly with the corporate departments and services of the Group and meet other participants in order to create their own company network from the beginning.

Alongside specific meetings are organized with the colleagues of the departments with whom each new hire will work with during the next business activities.

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