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Mission and values

The mission

The SOL Group is constantly and continuously committed to seeking innovative and technologically advanced solutions for customers in the industrial sector and to providing the best treatments for patients served by Home Care, helping to improve the quality of life on our planet.

i nostri valori

Ethical behaviour

in interpersonal relations, towards employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders.


we uphold workplace safety of all employees, as well as the safety of the products and services we provide to our customers and patients, as priority issues

Customer satisfaction

we are committed to providing our customers with innovative and technologically advanced solutions at all times and to improving the quality of life of our patients, guaranteeing them the best treatment and the best possible Home Care.

Balanced development

we work to create balanced economic growth and constant development in the long term, employing resources in an efficient and diversified manner

Environmental protection

we seek to safeguard the environment by optimising processes, and therefore using energy resources in the best possible way, and by developing technologies and services that help our customers improve their environmental efficiency

Development of human resources

we view attracting and developing the loyalty of new talents and, in general, training and developing the skills of individuals, as key to the success of the SOL Group and the satisfaction of all its employees

Code of Ethics

Since 2006, the SOL Group has adopted its own Code of Ethics. It serves as a reference tool for the members of corporate bodies, SOL Group employees, and for any third party (such as suppliers, business and industrial partners) who collaborates or works in the name, on behalf or in the interest of the SOL Group, wherever it operates and in any way contributes to creating value for the company. The document devotes particular attention to the protection of occupational health and safety, the prevention and fight against corruption, as well as the protection of the environment and respect for human rights.
In order to be understood by all employees, the Code is translated into the different languages of the main countries where the Group operates.


Following the coming into force of the European Directive No. 1937/2019, the SOL Group makes the @whistleblowing” platform available to employees and collaborators of the Companies that meet the requirements of the Decree.

By accessing the platform, it is possible to make reports of offences that harm the integrity of the Company to which they belong, having guaranteed the protections provided by the Law.

For more details, please refer to the Company Procedure that can be downloaded from the Home page of the platform.