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Corporate bodies

The system is based on the concept of balance in the representation and roles of corporate bodies, on dialogue with shareholders, institutional investors and in general all the company's stakeholders, as well as on transparency towards the organisation and towards the market.

Corporate documents

The Board of Directors has the main role of company governance and management, with the fundamental objective of pursuing the sustainable success of the company and the Group, that is, to create long-term value for shareholders in accordance with the laws and the Group's mission and values, always taking into account the interests of the other relevant stakeholders for the company. All of the most significant projects, including those relating to sustainability performance, are assessed by the Board of Directors.

Reports on Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the set of rules, procedures, relationships, processes and organisational structures aimed at effective, efficient and correct company management. The SOL Group's corporate governance and control system belongs to the ordinary category and entrusts the Board of Directors of the Parent company SOL Spa with a central role. The Board of Directors thus defines the guidelines for the development and control system, in line with the company's strategies, in addition to annually assessing its adequacy and effectiveness.

Code of Ethics

The system is guided by the Code of Ethics and all the standards, directives and internal procedures, which constitute, as a set, the Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System.

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