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The Group provides services and therapies through VIVISOL for chronic patients who are cared for outside protected contexts such as hospitals.

Vivisol has established itself in Italy, Europe and Brazil as one of the leading Home Care Providers of technological and health services for complex therapies and often life support for chronic patients. In a demographic context characterised by progressive population ageing and in an epidemiological panorama marked by an increase in the major chronic diseases, the role of Home Care Providers becomes increasingly relevant for the optimised management of chronic patients, who often suffer from multiple conditions as well as vulnerability. In fact, adequate models of Home Care provided by specialised providers have a positive impact both on the health and well-being of patients and on the sustainability of different national healthcare systems.


Respiratory therapies
Vivisol provides oxygen therapy services for people with respiratory failure at home, home mechanical ventilation, aerosol therapy service, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory sleep disorders.

Infusion therapies
Vivisol (together with industry experts) has designed a series of dedicated services to support patients requiring intravenous or subcutaneous home drug therapy: services for artificial nutrition, for insulin therapy with pumps, for immunotherapy, for the treatment of pain and for Parkinson's disease.

Advanced Home Care
Vivisol provides home healthcare and social care services for patients with temporary or chronic clinical needs through medical, nursing and rehabilitation teams.  Vivisol has a structured Palliative Care network for patients with oncological and degenerative diseases.

Telemedicine and digital services
Vivisol has consolidated the development of a model which, alongside Home Care, also allows for the remote monitoring of important clinical and vital patient parameters, improving the patient's quality of life and the relative need for treatment completion.

Healthcare aids
Vivisol provides a full service of the management and supply of healthcare aids, with which it offers a service including delivery to the patient's home, technical assistance, maintenance, sanitation, disinfection and online software for the computerisation of data.

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