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In the Biotechnology sector the Group researches and develops innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

The SOL Group researches and develops tests and analytical services in the field of human and animal research and clinical diagnosis, researches and develops biotechnological molecules, carries out genomic and molecular genetic diagnostics, develops bioinformatic pipelines for the management of clinical data, develops tests and analytical services in the food, environmental and industrial fields.

CRYOLAB is a highly specialized laboratory in cryoconservation, which provides transfer, storage and handling services of biological samples.

DIATHEVA focuses on research, development, production and marketing of new and innovative products (such as monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, molecular kits) for hospital research, diagnosis and clinical application, environmental, veterinary and food.

PERSONAL GENOMICS provides preventive and precision medicine with Next Generation Sequencing technologies and advanced bioinformatics tools.


PERSONAL GENOMICS, the genetics laboratory accredited by the Veneto Region and certified by SIGUCERT, provides pre- and post-natal diagnostic screening services which are an important element for ensuring the correct development of newborns. These activities to support preventive and precision medicine are complemented by genetic and bioinformatics analyses, molecular swab analysis for the identification of Sars-Covid 19.
DIATHEVA, a SOL Group company that operates in the industrial and biomedical biotechnology sector, develops innovative diagnostic systems that allow the identification and quantification - through DNA amplification techniques - of pathogens in any matrix and for any need.

Biotechnology and biomedical research and applications
DIATHEVA focuses on the research, development, production and marketing of innovative products (such as monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, molecular kits) for research, diagnosis and clinical application in the hospital, environmental, veterinary and food sectors. DIATHEVA aims to translate the results of basic research into industrial applications in the biomedical and industrial fields.

Disaster Recovery
The Disaster Recovery service guarantees the transfer and storage, in emergency situations, of biological samples from public and private structures to cryobiological rooms owned by the SOL Group. In particular CRYOLAB, the SOL joint venture with Tor Vergata University of Rome, is authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian National Transplant Centre for the long-term and disaster recovery conservation of human gametes and blood.

The Bioshipping service makes it possible to transport biological samples all over the world in completely safe and traceable conditions, with continuous temperature monitoring and tracking.

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