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For the Healthcare facilities

The medical sector

The SOL Group proposes itself as a partner of the Health System through the provision of medicinal products, services and technologies able to guarantee best medical and nursing health assistance.

National Health Systems are increasingly orienting the treatment of the most critical diseases towards the so-called Smart Hospital, a hospital characterised by the most modern clinical and diagnostic technologies.

In this highly dynamic context, the SOL Group proposes itself as a partner of the Health System through the provision of medicinal products, services and technologies for the integrated management of operating flows within the hospital facility, to protect the quality and efficiency of healthcare services.


Medical Gases with AIC and Medical Devices
The range of Medical Gases includes both drugs under the AIC regime (traditional or innovative), and a wide selection of gases classified as Medical Devices.
SOL provides for Medical Gases, the distribution service within hospitals, as well as the control of packaging, medical delivery devices and centralized distribution facilities.
The SOL Group designs, manufactures, certifies and manages centralized systems for the production and distribution of Medicinal Gases in hospitals.
For over fifty years, Behringer has been the company of the Group able to offer a wide range of devices for the distribution of medical gases, as well as technical gases for the needs of customers with quality and innovation.

Training services
Training activities are carried out in order to promote the safe use of medical gases, their containers and accessories is fundamental for their correct handling and administration

InfoHealth SOLution
Thanks to the InfoHealth® SOLution web platform the SOL Group is able to control plans, coordinate and manage all the activities carried out within the healthcare facilities that use the medical gases and medical devices provided by SOL.

Global Service of electromedical equipment
The Group supports healthcare facilities in the definition of asset management programmes relating to the planning of the entire life cycle and the periodic renewal of the machine fleet.
Tesi and REVI are the Group companies specialized in global service of electromedical equipment: acceptance tests, electrical safety checks, preventive and corrective maintenance, functional checks and calibrations are the main activities that make us a recognized partner in the field of Clinical Engineering.

Hospital hygiene and environmental monitoring
The SOL Group, thanks to STERIMED, offers integrated hospital hygiene management programmes: from the design, construction and operation of sanitary water and air conditioning treatment and sanitation systems, to the turnkey construction of surgical instrument sterilisation plants.

Total Ambulance Management
SOL provides the management of the vehicles, guaranteeing the complete operation of the vehicle fleet, including both its sanitary compartment and medical equipment, as well as for the vehicle, with the related periodic maintenance activities.

Design and development of biobanks
Turnkey solutions are offered, including the design, construction of premises, provision of all devices and maintenance and training services and, where requested, also specialised biotechnological services.

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