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Our engine, our people

Creating a favourable working environment is an essential requirement for a company like SOL, which aims to attract the talent of younger people as well as those with more consolidated experience, in the hopes of making everyone feel like part of a broad and shared project, in order to foster their know-how and knowledge.

The Group's constant development is accompanied by continuous growth in the number of people who join the company. SOL's objectives are to involve our employees in projects, to share the ethical principles that form the company’s constitutional charter and to realise our employees' professional potential, considering the internationalisation and inclusion of elements that are integral to the Group's culture and progress.

The growth and success of the Group are based on a culture promoting continuous training, recognition of performance and the realisation of talent in all its forms. 

During 2023, as a result of the various acquisitions in Ecuador, Peru, Greece, Germany, France, and Italy, and organic growth, SOL Group recorded an increase of 11% over the previous year's total number of employees. Net of the change in corporate scope, the increase was 6%.

Key Numbers 2023

The value of integration

People with diverse cultural backgrounds work and grow within the SOL Group. They have different origins, ages and abilities which bring new and unique points of view. The Group believes in diversity as a resource to be nurtured, because everyone's original contribution promotes agility, creativity and innovation for everyone. The progressive extension of our activities in new countries requires us to pay increasing attention to the national and cultural differences present within the Group companies. The SOL Group’s aim is to promote local resources at all levels of the organisation, giving priority to local managers and assigning control and monitoring tasks to central functions.

Moreover, the percentage of women who sit on the Board of Directors of Parent company SOL Spa is 45%.

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