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Energy from renewable sources

Our Hydroelectric plants

Since 2002 the Group has invested in the production of energy from renewable sources, in order to mitigate the indirect environmental impact of its activities.

The Group's most significant environmental impact is the electricity consumption in its primary production plants. In fact, both the compression of gases and their liquefaction are highly energy-intense operations: it is estimated that these activities constitute about 90% of the energy consumption of the whole Group.

Today 16 are the hydroelectric power plants, amounting to a total installed capacity of around 31 MW, located in Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia. The electricity produced and sold on the grid totalled 327,920 GJ in 2021, corresponding to 13% of the Group's energy consumption. The avoided emissions of CO equivalent into the atmosphere in 2021 can be estimated to be 29,755 tons thanks to the generation of electricity produced in the Group's hydroelectric power plants (30,440 tCO equivalent in 2020).

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