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Penelope®, the innovative inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) supply system.

The SOL Group develop and markets  of Penelope®, a highly complex medical device (Class 2B) for the administration of inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO), the active substance contained in the drug Neophyr®.

Combined with the drug nitric oxide pre-diluted in nitrogen, which the SOL Group has registered in many European countries under the name Neophyr®, Penelope® allows SOL to offer hospitals an effective, innovative and at the same time userfriendly system that can deliver a medical gas that is increasingly used in Europe for specific situations related to the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

Penelope® doses the drug in the ventilatory flow of neonatal, paediatric or adult patients, administering the nitric oxide dose at the desired concentration. This objective is achieved thanks to a double feedback system that is able to read, with extreme precision, the ventilation flow and instantly check the NO, NO2 and O2 values on the inhalation line of the circuit. A simple and intuitive graphical interface supported by a series of integrated tutorials round off the device, ensuring easy and immediate use. The device also allows constant control of residual pressure in cylinders, continuous analysis of environmental safety parameters, historicisation of drug dosage data and the possibility to immediately generate reports.

Penelope® was designed and manufactured by SOL GROUP LAB, the SOL Group company dedicated to technological innovation in the medical field. Penelope® obtained the CE marking for medical devices and is already used in intensive care in Italy and in many countries, both EU and non-EU (including the United Kingdom).