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SOL strengthens its presence in the promising Indian technical and medical gases market by increasing its 85% stake in the Indian Joint Venture "SICGILSOL".

Since its inception, SICGILSOL has been a symbol of growth and enterprise for the SOL Group, not only because it was the first entity outside Europe, but also due to the countless activities carried out. SICGILSOL was the first operator in India to make inhaled nitric oxide therapy available and the first to build a medical gas distribution system in accordance with ISO standards and those in force in India.

All these steps, combined with a "SOLution provider" approach, have transformed SICGILSOL into a market player capable of competing with global and local contenders, and to acquire leading customers both among the main Indian groups and internationally recognised groups.

Today SOL INDIA (as SICGILSOL has recently been renamed) relies on its team and on SOL's DNA to be a key partner of the Indian healthcare system, as demonstrated during the dramatic moments of the pandemic. It plans further developments aimed at extending its presence in new areas of the Indian subcontinent and strengthening its production structure with a view to the sustainability of its industrial activity. In fact, since 2017 SOL INDIA has been purchasing wind energy to cover a part of its needs and is always attentive towards new opportunities that can increase the share of renewable energy.

More details in the Press Release