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Assogastecnici rewards the good safety practices of the SOL Group


During 2020, the SOL Group received awards for some of its units: the Logistics Antenna of Mantua and the Operational Management Centre of Rome.

Every year Assogastecnici (National Association of Companies operating in the field of the production and distribution of technical, special and medical gases) and EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association) recognise companies in the sector for their production units (with more than 15 employees) that record an absence of injuries in the workplace for at least five consecutive years or multiples of five years.

During 2020, the SOL Group, thanks to the adoption of good protection practices for its workers, received awards for some of its units: in particular, the Logistics Antenna of Mantua and the Operational Management Centre of Rome stood out for having registered zero injuries in the last five years, while the Ravenna Plant stood out for having reached 15 years without any injuries.

The SOL Group has also won the Kelvin Award in Italy (established on behalf of the physicist Lord William Thomson Kelvin), created to enhance and promote the application of cutting-edge solutions aimed at increasing safety in the technical gases sector.

The award was obtained thanks to the campaign to promote vehicle controls and load fixing methods, developed through a new computerised recording method of gas transport controls in operational management centres and using the principles and methods of providing feedback envisaged by Behaviour Based Safety.

The digitisation of the verification phase, carried out through a Google form by our operators, has made it possible to efficiently manage the controls of vehicles dedicated to the transport of gases in order to prevent injuries and accidents, in compliance with the ADR regulation (legislation that applies to the transport of dangerous goods by road). It also allowed sharing data in real time, facilitating the monitoring of results, any non-conformities and information and training provided to transporters.