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DOLBY VIVISOL, the British Home Care company of the SOL Group, is the first to have completed the journey to become Carbon Neutral.

Becoming Carbon Neutral has meant identifying the right objectives to eliminate the environmental impact caused by the carbon dioxide produced by the company's activities.

The path to achieve this important certification was developed in four main phases:

OBSERVE: DOLBY VIVISOL established what should be included in the measurement perimeter, such as emissions from owned or leased vehicles; emissions from power generation used to heat Dolby facilities and staff travel.

MEASURE: Once all the data was collected, it was possible to calculate the 2019 carbon footprint, working with a specialised third-party company to assess the carbon emissions measurements of the activities defined.

MITIGATE: A plan was identified to reduce carbon emissions in the business, including passing the DOLBY sites to green energy tariffs, reviewing the routes taken by Home Care technicians to reduce mileage travelled, etc. DOLBY VIVISOL has also committed to offsetting its CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits. In particular, DOLBY VIVISOL has decided to promote projects to support the production and consumption of renewable energy from wind sources: Theni Wind Power, India and Soma Wind Power, Turkey.

COMMUNICATE: Finally, a detailed communication plan was developed to disseminate the message of carbon neutrality achieved to internal and external stakeholders (such as partners and patients).

The plan was supported by a specialised third-party company, Natural Capital Partners, which independently certified the carbon reduction and subsequent communications to the market.

DOLBY VIVISOL will hold the Carbon Neutral title from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021.