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Digital Diversity Day: the wealth of integration


The SOL Group is a participant in Digital Diversity Day, where it shares and talks about the value of inclusiveness.

The enhancement of diversity is an increasingly important issue in the world of work, where the meeting and mixing of people, ideas and cultures is an inexhaustible source of enrichment for the individual and the business context itself.

Aware of the importance that this issue has for us and for others, last June 2021 we participated in Digital Diversity Day, an event dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace.

Proud to have taken part in this initiative, we took advantage of the opportunity to share the principles and values underlying our organisational culture with the participants, focusing on the multiplicity in its DNA: who can understand the value of diversitybetter than we do, operating in 4 different business areas, in 30 different countries?

It is precisely this parallelism with the nature of our own situation that has given us a valuable education on how to integrate and enhance the multidimensionality of people, ideas and cultures. It is a question of facing a gradual path that leads from a fit on culture, anchored to traditional and recognised behavioural models, to the development of an add-on culture, based on the search for new models capable of delivering enrichment. People are no longer valued for their ability to assimilate to the corporate culture, but for their way of identifying with it, free to express their characteristics by making their own contribution. Understood in this way, diversity is no longer an exception, the dissonant note in the choir. Instead it becomes an invaluable source of enrichment, a reason for constant debate, freed from obstructive preconceptions and free to bring about change. Rethinking the concept of equality to embrace the value of equity, giving space, size and colour to the uniqueness that characterises each one of us.

This is the innovative approach we believe in and promote to foster the inclusion and expression of our people.