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Our activities


The Group supplies technical gases (compressed, liquefied and cryogenic), equipment, systems and services to customers operating in most industrial sectors: steel, metallurgy, glass and ceramics, metallurgy, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry, oil industry and services for the environment and transport of goods and people.

For the Healthcare facilities

We support hospitals (public and private), Scientific Hospitals and Care Institutions, University Hospitals, Clinical Research Centres, Medically Assisted Procreation Centres, nursing homes and assisted-living centres, providing medical gases, medical devices for the administration and dosing of medical gases, equipment, gas distribution systems, plant management services, electro-medical equipment, sterilisation plants and the turnkey construction of cryobiological rooms and laboratories.

For patients at home

The Group provides health services for chronic patients that are assisted, on behalf of the Health Systems of different countries, out of a protected contest as the hospitals ones. Vivisol is able to fully take charge of chronic patients, who are frequently afflicted by disabling diseases and conditions of social fragility, need life support therapies and cures in order to be maintained in their social and emotional context, improving their living conditions and therapeutic adherence. Thanks to its consolidated experience in the sector, Vivisol is now one of the main Home Care Providers at European and non-European level.


The Group operates in the industrial and biomedical sector, developing innovative diagnostics solutions through technologies and advanced bioinformatics tools in support of preventive and precision medicine. We focus on the research, development, production and marketing of innovative products for research, diagnosis and clinical application in the hospital, environmental, veterinary and food sectors. We provide services of transfer and storage of biological samples supporting public and private structures.

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