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Vivisol and Almawave for the home care’s digitalization


Vivisol and Almawave sign a partnership to search for innovative solutions and services in the field of home care.

Last October, Vivisol signed an important partnership agreement with Almawave - a leading Italian company in artificial intelligence, natural language analysis and Big Data services - starting an important collaboration for the development and application of artificial intelligence solutions (Ai) to home care services.

Following such a difficult historical event that highlighted strengths and weaknesses of the National Healthcare System, the protagonists of the sector declare their commitment to change and renew the health system. Artificial intelligence reveals itself as an interesting solution, able to foster the digital transition of the Italian’s healthcare.

Last April, the RicovAI-19 pilot project, launched by Vivisol and Almawave, already demonstrated the effectiveness and potential of artificial intelligence as a strategic tool in support of doctors for the management of patients at home. The clinical trial’s objective was to monitor Covid’s parameters at home, through artificial intelligence algorithms.

Thanks to the Clinical Stability Indicator (Ai-Csi) - developed by Almawave - it was possible to remotely detect over 60 vital parameters (including blood oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate), providing 150 people with constant therapeutic care at home.

The encouraging results led to the investigation on the applicability of artificial intelligence along with other clinical solutions, with the aim of extending the innovative tool to home care’s different areas, improving the effectiveness of therapeutic care as well as patients’ quality of life.

Vivisol is proud to reaffirm its commitment in the research of innovative technological applications, main drivers of our National Healthcare System’s transition, now aiming to make home as "the first place of care".