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Plant modernization in Verona


The SOL Group completed the modernisation project of its technical and medical gas production plant in San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona, Italy).

Active since 1987, the plant produces technical and medical gases resulting from the fractional distillation (such as nitrogen, oxygen and argon) both in gaseous and liquid form at cryogenic temperatures later marketed in tankers.

The modernization project, which began in November 2019 and closed in September 2021, was aimed at maximizing the production cycle through the recovery of nitrogen gas already purified but not yet used. Thanks to a specific liquid machinery it is now possible to use the gaseous flow purified by the original air separation unit (ASU), resulting in a significant increase in the liquid nitrogen production and the plant efficiency maximization.

In addition, in view of the growing market demand, the investment, of a value slightly below 15 M Euros, included the installation of a new air compressor and a new gas purification system, as well as the upgrading of the storage fleet.

In light of the growing demand of customers (principally located in Northern Italy and in some neighboring foreign countries), the intervention will allow it to meet the distribution network more precisely and flexibly.

The development on the market, together with the constant growth of SOL activities, leads to the desire to make continuous improvements with multi-years investments that will make the Group’s business increasingly autonomous, no longer resorting to the purchase of products from third parties.

Thanks to these interventions, the SOL Group will not only have a more productive plant, but also a more efficient one, greatly enhanced in its capacity.