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New production plant for biogenic CO2 recovery in Wanze


SOL Group completed the construction and start-up of the liquid food CO2 production plant in Wanze (Belgium).

The installation of a new carbon dioxide liquefaction unit, at a bioethanol production plant located in Wanze (Belgium), allows part of the gaseous CO2 of biogenic origin to be recovered and transformed into liquid form, containing the emission of the gas otherwise released into the atmosphere.

The investment, worth about EUR 15 million, includes the installation of a CO2 compression unit, located in the Biowanze plant, and a purification and liquefaction unit, located in a dedicated neighbouring area, in which a storage park with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes has been built.

The new plant can produce more than 65,000 tonnes of product per year to meet the growing demands of customers in Northern Europe and some neighbouring foreign countries, mainly in the food, health and environmental sectors, in a more punctual and flexible manner.

The intervention brings a dual strategic and environmental benefit: the strengthening of the liquid CO2 distribution network, combined with the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.