Group profile

An international, polyhedric and dynamic reality, projected towards to the future but with solid roots in the past

The SOL Group is constantly engaged in improving the quality of life on the planet with its products and services.


  • A direct presence in 25 European countries, India, Morocco, Turkey and Brazil
  • 39 primary transformation plants and 54 secondary transformation plants
  • more than 50,000 industrial and civil clients and 500,000 patients, cared for every day
  • more than 4,300 employees and a consolidated 2019 turnover of 904 million Euro


Tenth group in the world, the sixth in Europe and the leading independent Italian player not associated with any of the multinationals in the sector. SOL is projected towards the future from solid roots in the past.

A past that tells a story lasting more than ninty years, written by tenacious men and women, a history of values and know-how handed down from generation to generation with passion and coherence. The history of friendship and a solid alliance between two families which, together with a cohesive and dynamic management, invested in innovation while remaining true to themselves with a strong belief in people and transparency toward partners, customers and investors.